Sunday, 16 December 2012

Teach me tiger by April Stevens-The song and the outfit

Teach me tiger by April Stevens

Hogmanay is want to impress everyone in the party...But that's always the most difficult thing to do...All girls are dressed up impressive for this day. Hence, why not make a slight twist with glamour, class and vintage? A 50s luxury dress with red details can make you the queen of the party! With an animal print pattern you also include the element of sexy...Wear your red lipstick, your false eyelashes, pump up your hairs, a nice corsage and let this outfit to teach them how you style properly...Walk alluring in your high heels carrying the attitude of Sofia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Greta Garbo and many more. It is not a mere coincidence that the greater sex symbol of all times lived during that Era and I am talking about Marilyn Monroe...So girls, this is my proposal for New Year's eve and after the xmas holidays I'll be back with more proposals...enjoy your alcohol and wish you the best times ever. 


Lady Kerouac







Monday, 10 December 2012

I bet you look good on the dance floor by Arctic Monkeys-The song and the outfit

I bet you look good on the Dancefloor by Arctic Monkeys

Xmas are coming and you have to look good on the dancefloor! So, after storming and trying new clothes I came up with this outfit which is a combination of rock, classy and playful attitude! You can become the new dancing queens without losing your rocking personality...First of all, I saw this amazing skater dress from Dahlia fashion, it is simple and playful and the velvet polka dot details are fantastic. Not to mention that this dress can be worn in several ways since it is an alternative proposal of LBD...As for the shoes...what can I say. It was love at first sight...I loved them, they loved me so as everything that I like they became mine!!!You can wear them with any simple dress and they can transform the whole outfit by giving this disco hint (yes I do love the 80s). Aldo is a brand that has amazing shoes and makes offers too often. For example I bought this shoes only in their half price (yeap I am still dancing with joy)! Ach, the jacket...this amazing jacket, so colourful that you cannot resist to it! It is one of the latest additions in the topshop and I believe that is worth to have it in your wardrobe since it is a combination of biker jacket and folklor (?) colours and designs. And let's not forget the details. The tights have to be simple with this sexy detail of the line beneath...and a sequin black wrist bag will be the best feature! Sparkle with your shine shoes my rocking Dorothies and at that night send them all to your OZ country!!! Let it rock this Xmas






Thursday, 6 December 2012

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Berlin by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-The song and the outfit

Berlin by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Rocking girls are you ready to walk in the street with your earphones in the maximum volume and lip-synching the lyrics of this song and slightly moving in the rhythm? Maybe even doing an air-guitar movement while on the street without caring if anyone is watching you? I don't know about you but I am always indulging my self with this action...It makes me feel so great and you don't care for anything else in the world but yourself... Many passerby's will give you this strange look, but you shouldn't care. Why is it bad to have a good time in the monotonous everyday life? Moreover why also have a boring everyday outfit? Live your music, live your life, enjoy your freedom, cherish your uniqueness and dance everywhere, anywhere, anytime like you are the last person in the world...That's my advice! Hence, the outfit couldn't be combined with this song! I have to say that this is how I mostly get dressed when I go for a coffee or at the Uni...Simple, rock, comfortable and sexy with the tube skirt, the animal print tights, calf boots and a colourful bag...So even if you don't care about what's happening around you, still you will collect many head turnings...Enjoy it as much as I enjoy dancing to that tune!

xx Lady K

Monday, 26 November 2012

About your dress by the Maccabees-The song and the outfit

About Your dress by the Maccabees

Romance...we all search for a true romance in our lives! A fairy tale, woven with velvet, silk, satin and lace. A candlelit dinner in a park or next to a port, red wine, heart beats, veins ready to explode. Lost in his eyes, fondling his arm just forget who you are. Taking off your high heels to dance barefoot in the wet street intoxicated with his words...Becoming the queen of the night this is an outfit that you will be the most femme in his eyes...

Enjoy it as you will enjoy this night in his arm. This is a combination that I found in my recent market research. The most important is to feel beautiful for yourselves and for the one you want...I wish you a great night out!

By the way don't forget check out for updates in the page: my books and also check out the new page: my muse, my poems...I want to share them with you and in return you can give me your opinion!


Lady K.{1}~[black]&noOfRefinements=1

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Evil hearted you by The Yardbirds- A story of vintage clothing

Evil hearted you by the Yardbirds

Oh my, how much I love the 60s both in music and in fashion! Amazing dresses and amazing bands. It was the era of the beginning of revolutions...Black People fought for equality, women started working properly, rock 'n' roll, the shooting of a President and so many more...

But it is too difficult to find this type of clothing nowadays. Thank God there are so many vintage stores. However, you can't always be lucky finding something good. You have to go there again and again. You might find something that you like but not fitting you or maybe finding nothing at all. But it doesn't matter. Walking and going inside vintage stores is one of my favourite things to do. All the searching and the anticipation and even if you don't find anything you still have a chance to look to other stores near by like record stores where you can find a scarce cd or vinyl...

One of the best places is near Berwick street in London (because there are also several record stores) Soho won't dissapoint you. You also have the solution of visiting Camden Town and even if you don't find a thing you can always enjoy a book along with a coffee and great music in these places.

In Glasgow there are also plenty of Vintage Stores both In West End and in the City Centre...My fav are: Starry Starry Night, Vintage Guru, Vintage Glasgow both located in West End and Mr Ben's in King's Court in the City Centre (next to Mono or opposite the 13th Note)... So today I am not going to make an outfit but I will present you three of my dresses that I found in these places and my advice to not snob these lovely overwhelming stores...

So girls...get your swing and go to find your lovely vintage dress...


Lady K

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Red Flags and Long Nights by She wants Revenge-The song and the outfit

Red Flags and Long Nights by She Wants Revenge

Winter has come and you have to go to work, or to an interview or anything but you still want to feel warm. Thank God in Ness we trust. Tweed can be the best material for winter, keeps you so warm and since it is classic it is forever. A combination of a tweed jacket and a skirt with a fitted shirt and a pair of  less classic shoes can be deadly. To be honest this was my most common way of dressing when I was working in the Financial sector (yeap I quit so as to become a social scientist)! These red shoes from irregular choice are comfy and have saved me - stylishly- plenty of times the last three years...So dress up your way to success

xx Lady K.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

She's a lady by Pulp-The song, the outfit

She's a lady by Pulp

She's a lady and so are you...whether you are to go to a wedding, or a dinner with your dream guy or any formal occasion, that's an outfit that will make anyone to kiss your hand. 

Karen Millen, is the brand that I use most often when I want to buy a formal dress...I love her because she combines sexy with classy and affordability. This is the latest dress that I have fallen for. Ready to embrace your figure and make you look like a diva.

However, when it comes to formal wearing accessories play a really important rule. What caught my eye for this outfit is this snakeskin ted baker bag's/women's%20accessories/bags/

Shoes, shoes and more shoes, irregular choice is my love...henceforth this cute and elegant pair of them.

Wrap your neck with this translucent floral design which emits a romantic sense...delivered to you by Ted Baker (again)'s/women's%20accessories/scarves/

White is one of the most elegant colours. It is better to chose this type of coat and colour so as to make a discreet stand out!

The devil is in the details, and you are quite devilish aren't you?

And as previously referred accessories are the dot on the i...and if you chose the scarf do not wear any necklace, just a bracelet, earrings and some fake eyelashes.

Hope you are ready to dazzle your crowd...enjoy!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Le pastie de la Bourgeoisie by Belle & Sebastian- the song and the outfit

Le pastie de la Bourgeoisie by Belle & Sebastian

One of my fav I couldn't control myself and not think of an outfit that will combine the Bourgeoisie class, some of Kerouac's vintage and a nostalgic flare.

I can't resist to a nice dress, I believe that is the best thing that a woman can wear. So I found a cute dress that looks so 60s but has a modern twist, not to mention the great colours of it, they are so warm.

As for the shoes, burgundy (so as to match with this lovely fox) is one of the greatest colours of the seasons. I hope it will last more than this season

I have to say that I adore mixing patterns in my style, but you have to be extra careful if you do that, otherwise it can end up as styling disaster. However I found this amazingly Boheme coat in Monsoon that the colours match exactly the dress,mon_1.5/2930490812

And last but not least, so as to complete the Bourgeois look there is the urgent need of having a bag matching the shoes. Radley is one of the brands that I used often when I was working in the finance sector. There can be so girlish and on the same hand so serious.

So after making this outfit "Wouldn't you like to get away? Bestowing the memory of good and evil on the ones you left behind"? 

Monday, 19 November 2012

Turn it up by Robots in disguise-The song and the outfit

Turn it up by Robots in disguise

Xmas are coming...but why waiting until then to wear something glitter-ish...You can go to a club and have as many drinks as you want and be the queen of the dance floor.

Today, while I was going to find some new CDs I went inside Topshop and tried this amazing dress which is so 80s that you simply cannot resist

And as you know you can't have the 80s look without some ankle boots...Irregular choice for once more has surprised me with this amazing pair of shoes, that will fit perfectly with that dress

PVC is one of my favourite materials for accessories and furla is a brand that made it convenient for us therefore so as to put an extravagant note to the outfit a bright candy satchel bag is perfect. I chose the white one because it is a colour that looks great with everything

Accessories and more accessories can make the difference in the 80s look. Loved the feather earrings from accesorize and a pair of green tights

And for the end...outerwear is always very important...we do not want to freeze especially at this time of year, so a biker style jacket with a twist of classic can be the best solution for this outfit

After pulling off this outfit, you can beat Amy Wringwald and make your own Breakfast Club!!!Under the disco ball we are all united!!!