Sunday, 1 September 2013

I want you by Elvis Costello-The song and the outfit

Hello my friends, today I am in the mood for some autumn romance...Therefore I picked this marvellous song and tried to compile an outfit so as to much with the last part of the photoshooting with Kostis. It doesn't happen often but the past few days I am so upset minded. Probably it happens because I am in the end of one of my researches (the real part of my life) and I desperately need a short period of thinking. Anyway, I am pretty sure that these things do not interest you. 

Lace traditionally is connected with classy ladies, seduction and generally femme fatales. In the photoshoots I am wearing a dress from the collaborator of Venetia Ioakim and the shoes are from personal collection. Unfortunately summer is done and we enter the melancholic season of Autumn. As a traditional dark and cold wave music fan, I have to admit that I do not mind some melancholy especially when it is combined with such beautiful clothes and accessories. Just imagine wearing this beautiful royal blue dress while you are enjoying a glass of wine during a dinner in a French Restaurant with the object of your affection. Staring each other in the eyes and in both of your faces the smile does not fade. You talk on and on about your favourite books, music, films...where you have been, what you have about everything, completing each other's sentences. 

Underneath the table you nervously half-taking your shoe off and then back again and this goes on and on. Your heart beats irregularly why you get lost to his eyes and instinctively you play with your earrings. Butterflies in your stomach emerge because you have finally found your "Master" and you became his "Margarita" since you know that for him you will fly under the moon towards the devil to become the hostess of a macabre dance in order to save him (ref: Master and Margarita by Bulkakov). And he, on the other hand, stares at you like you are a fragile porcelain doll, frightened to touch according to his urges in the fear of breaking you. You are his "Kudra" and he knows that as "Alobar" he will lose all the incentives for eternity if he is not with you (ref: Jitterbug Perfume by Robbins). But you can see that he struggles not to become "Juan Pablo"and grab you while shouting with despair that he needs you (ref: Tunnel by Sabbato). The perfect dinner isn't it?

The dress will look at its best if you combine it with playful tights. In that case I picked a rather intriguing one with polka dots. The jacket even though it has a casual shape, it's silky texture along with the oriental pattern enhances the sense of uniqueness and style without looking too preppy. The shoes with their patented detail gives a slight sense of rock attitude which is enhanced with the Thomas Sabo earrings. The clutch is a classic one where you can use it to numerous other outfits due to its vintage design and neutral colours...So, my friends, dress up and fascinate your prince charming. Be the one that will kiss him and awake him from his emotional slumber.

Loads of kisses

Lady Kerouac