Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Johnny Cash by Sons and Daughters- The male outfit!

Johnny Cash By Sons and Daughters - The song and the male outfit!

Hello my gorgeous followers. After the photo-shootings I wanted to do something different today. It is always nice to dress up and feel good about yourselves but what is happening when it comes to men? The poor guys unfortunately do not have as many options as we do. Not to mention the fact that are probably colour blind and styling illiterate.  I got inspired for today's post by a man that even though he has the right attitude, the right body and specs of style most of the times he ends up to dress awfully. My eyes hurt when I see the combinations he does and it is such a pity because he could have it so much better. Hence, if I had the chance of dressing him up (even though I would prefer to undress him)   that's how I would do it. A mixture of posh slacks in a light colour so as to point out his tall legs, formal black shoes that will add an extra something to the height, vintage jacket for more class, indie skirt that will make him look like an indie prince and a colourful belt so as to give him a rock star attitude. However this style matches only to guys that have a tall and slim figure. If your man is like that, take him out for shopping or make him the perfect gift by saving his style. So don't send him away just make him look equally good as you. He is the one that stands by your side and therefore he deserves to be handsome enough to give him the evil eye from envy...






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