Monday, 29 April 2013

Please forgive me

My lovely readers, I am so sorry for not posting anything for so long, but unfortunately I am not in my basis, therefore is quite difficult to do my usual research for great clothes and even greater music. Near mid-May I will be back and quite renewed with a set of photographs and exclusive dresses. Right now, I am sitting in front of my laptop, enjoying a cigarette and writing this post. It is a warm night in Athens which was a necessity after the freezing Glaswegian nights.My feet are aching, almost bleeding because I was wearing high heels for the last three days. I can't complain though since I had a great time. I prepared a set of photo shoots for several new styles and proposals in my beloved home town that you will see in time. Hence I would like to thank the photographer who showed a tremendous amount of patience and kept up with my idiosyncrasies  It's a pity that his site is only in Greek (for the time being) but you can still take a look at his portfolio. Kostis made me laugh a lot during these sets and I am sure that you will see it in the upcoming photos wearing mostly dresses from my designer friend Venetia Ioakim Here is his link . All I can give you for now is a nice playlist to enjoy and soon I' ll be back.

Loads of kisses

Lady Kerouac

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Walk like an Egyptian by the Bangles-the song and the outfit

Walk like an Egyptian by the Bangles- The song and the outfit

80s ach lovely 80s...with their kitch attires, the Molly Ringwald films...who does not remember the Breakfast club. Lately with all these cropped tops that remind me of Alex from 'Flashdance' and the high waist skirts that have cataclysmicaly conquered all shops' windows I could not resist and I composed an outfit based in this amazing decade. First of all I have to say that this combination is hideous (talking about the short cropped tees and the high waist skirts) they fit only in model type bodies, are really unfeminine, awfully trashy etc etc. Do not do this combination. Please don't because it hurts my eyes every time that I see it. Most of us have an average healthy body so this does not suit us. But if you are caught in the fever of the revival then I can propose something different. A combination of clothes (that to be honest I have the exact same one but with yellow suede heels) that will be sexy, 80s, rock and flattering...when I wore these clothes the song that pop up in my mind was 'walking like an egyptian'. In a few weeks I will also have a photoshooting with me wearing these clothes and I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did when I was buying them! Loads of kisses until we meet again.

Kind Regards 

Lady K.








Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Dead Disco by Metric- The song and the outfit

Dead Disco by Metric-The song and the outfit

Spring, rock attitude and some more sun...warmer nights that makes you feel like you want to dance like never before. Therefore I went out on a shopping scouting spree and this is what I found...a lovely disco-ish combination with rock elements. As you must have figured out by now I have an inclination towards biker jackets. They are one of my favourite pieces, all these years they have stylishly helped me in rather difficult situations or at least boring ones. The latest one I found is the floral one from topshop that has an excellent fit making your figure really feminine. But what is needed to make it more wild? More leather and thus I present it to you. A fake leather skirt and a leotard with fake leather details. I tried them on and I was in the difficult situation of buying them or not...they were both so amazing. But devil lies in the details. A mix and match combination of patterns always intrigued me and that's why I found these kinky shoes. Who doesn't love high heels? As for the rest of the accessories, it is the perfect addition that will stylise the outfit into the glorious 80s spirit. Enjoy it, hopefully as much as I did.


Lady K