Monday, 18 November 2013

"Send me a postcard" by the Shocking Blue-The song and the outfit

In a rather vintage mood, here's another proposal for the LBD. Just listen to this song which is marvellous and wear the dress that even though it looks rather simply it is quite detailed. Moreover, the boots are a necessity in order to complete the late 60s look. Pump your hair and decorate them with a nice hairband and get ready for the festive season. And do not forget to "play" a little bit with colours and patterns, it always adds something extra in your looks. So before "loneliness breaks your heart" show off your inside beauty enhanced with this lovely classy outfit. Be unique, be you.

Kisses Lady K.

Dress £45

Boots  £110

Tights £7.99

Hairband £15,acc_2.12/4862058100

Coat £214

Matinee purse  £79

Monday, 4 November 2013

Check my heart by the Pastels-The song and the outfit

The winter came. After a month of absence, I can't apologise enough. But I'll do my best to update my blog as often as possible. I am pretty sure that you will forgive me, especially after assembling this outfit. That's one of my personal favs. To be honest just yesterday I bought the same faux fur coat, 'cause its elegant and warm (a fine combination especially if you live in Glasgow)... The main colour here is green that brightens up the dark winter days. This outfit can be easily worn all day, from work time until cocktail time in a nice piano bar! The whole combination is rather vintage-y and you shouldn't underestimate the power of the accessories, because these are the add the final touches to a unique style. So, indulge yourselves with this amazing song by the iconic Glaswegian band i.e. The Pastels, along with the outfit...The winter is here and we should make the best out of it!

See you soon my beauties


Lady K.



Faux fur coat

Ankle boots





Sunday, 1 September 2013

I want you by Elvis Costello-The song and the outfit

Hello my friends, today I am in the mood for some autumn romance...Therefore I picked this marvellous song and tried to compile an outfit so as to much with the last part of the photoshooting with Kostis. It doesn't happen often but the past few days I am so upset minded. Probably it happens because I am in the end of one of my researches (the real part of my life) and I desperately need a short period of thinking. Anyway, I am pretty sure that these things do not interest you. 

Lace traditionally is connected with classy ladies, seduction and generally femme fatales. In the photoshoots I am wearing a dress from the collaborator of Venetia Ioakim and the shoes are from personal collection. Unfortunately summer is done and we enter the melancholic season of Autumn. As a traditional dark and cold wave music fan, I have to admit that I do not mind some melancholy especially when it is combined with such beautiful clothes and accessories. Just imagine wearing this beautiful royal blue dress while you are enjoying a glass of wine during a dinner in a French Restaurant with the object of your affection. Staring each other in the eyes and in both of your faces the smile does not fade. You talk on and on about your favourite books, music, films...where you have been, what you have about everything, completing each other's sentences. 

Underneath the table you nervously half-taking your shoe off and then back again and this goes on and on. Your heart beats irregularly why you get lost to his eyes and instinctively you play with your earrings. Butterflies in your stomach emerge because you have finally found your "Master" and you became his "Margarita" since you know that for him you will fly under the moon towards the devil to become the hostess of a macabre dance in order to save him (ref: Master and Margarita by Bulkakov). And he, on the other hand, stares at you like you are a fragile porcelain doll, frightened to touch according to his urges in the fear of breaking you. You are his "Kudra" and he knows that as "Alobar" he will lose all the incentives for eternity if he is not with you (ref: Jitterbug Perfume by Robbins). But you can see that he struggles not to become "Juan Pablo"and grab you while shouting with despair that he needs you (ref: Tunnel by Sabbato). The perfect dinner isn't it?

The dress will look at its best if you combine it with playful tights. In that case I picked a rather intriguing one with polka dots. The jacket even though it has a casual shape, it's silky texture along with the oriental pattern enhances the sense of uniqueness and style without looking too preppy. The shoes with their patented detail gives a slight sense of rock attitude which is enhanced with the Thomas Sabo earrings. The clutch is a classic one where you can use it to numerous other outfits due to its vintage design and neutral colours...So, my friends, dress up and fascinate your prince charming. Be the one that will kiss him and awake him from his emotional slumber.

Loads of kisses

Lady Kerouac







Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Evil Eye by Franz Ferdinand-The song, a photoshooting and two outfits

I am so sorry my friends for not posting for sooooooooooooo long anything but on the one hand it is
summer and on the other hand it is sales period so it is rather difficult to find clothes, shoes etc. However I am back and after searching in the shops I found some lovely outfits but most importantly great music. In the 26th of August one of my fav bands are going to have their new album called "Right thoughts, right words, right Actions". I have listened already almost all the songs in live shows and I have to say that it is brilliant. Cannot wait one more month. But one of the songs that caught my attention is the one called "Evil Eye". In Greek Culture the evil eye curse is very popular and usually is caused because of the envious feelings of people. The song will be released with the new album but you can have listen to the remix of it (the beginning is very close to the original version) by the Norwegian DJ Terje Olsen (you can find the link under the photo of the band). What's my opinion about it? It sounds like the theme song of Jack Skellington's twisted
fantasies. I love that haunting and ominous sound. The photos were taken again by my friend Kostis (you can find his link in the tab above) and the black dress is by Venetia Ioakim (you can also find her link in the tab above). The photoshooting took place in a theatre in Athens where someone sneaked us in. It was a hilarious experience because at one point at 1:00 am the owners decided to come by for a visit and me and Kostis had to hide for almost half an hour in a corner of the stage! Anyhoo, the point is that you have to enjoy every moment in your life. In these two
outfits please pay attention to the tights. They make your legs look so much better not to mention that
the dress slips better henceforth it fits better. The blue dress that I am wearing in the photoshoot is from personal collection but thankfully I found something similar in Miss Selfridge. So Pick up one of the outfits and decide if you are a good princess or an Evil queen, listen to some good music, have the people you love next to you and enjoy a glass of good wine...Nothing can be better than that. Wear anything that suits you and don't forget your attitude that makes you special...Goodbye for now and see you soon by most beautiful people.


Lady K.

The outfits

Dress 1

Shoes 1

Tights 1

Clutch 1,acc_1.7/3890281200

Dress 2

Shoes 2

Tights 2

Clutch 2

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Chevy Thunder by The Spector- The song and the outfit

You can make your mood a little bit better with an outfit that is sexy and stylish and obviously you CANNOT wear it at your day work! I have recently tried this striped skirt and I loved it, it makes your hips really curvy (in a good way), as for the leotard it is amazingly 80s but you can find it only online. Since the hourglass figure is really desirable the best thing you can do in order to succeed it is to wear a wide waist belt like the embedded one that I saw recently at "Topshop". As you have figured out I am obsessed with the black and white combination but leave it as it be, it can be quite boring, therefore a red lace jacket and floral shoes can save the day! The bag is on sale so if you like it just hurry! I wish you a nice week to you all and most importantly do not forget to hear this amazing song!It just makes my day better.

'till we meet again

Lady K. 








Wednesday, 12 June 2013

I could have been your girl by She & Him-the song and the outfit

Isn't it so nice that summer is here? All these colours and the scents? The sound of the sea and the song of the hummingbirds. Therefore in this outfit, inspired by the song "I could have been your girl" is a capture of all the previous referred... a floral dress with the most summer-ish colours and if you check it out on the link you will love the lacey back! A 50's innocent look is ideal for this season. So, this dress complimented with the right accessories i.e. the petrol blue flats, the green chain and the red hairband will make you look like the spirit of summer. I am pretty sure that this outfit will not only make your mood better but will also serve several smiles to the passers by that will check on you. And if it gets a little colder (as it happens here in Glasgow) you can always wear a cute cardigan that will light up all your characteristics...So dress not to impress but to make other people smile which is the greater satisfaction you can ever get!

'Till next time

loads of love

Lady K




Bow band,acc_2.12/3860776000


Chain collar[210007|208556]&noOfRefinements=1

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Summer Wine by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood- A couple's outfit

Summer Wine by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood...she and him outfits

Summer has least in some countries a little bit more (!). Even in Scotland are some better days...So how about taking your man, a bottle of wine, make a nice playlist and some finger food and enjoy your sunny day?In this post I present you two outfits the male version and the female one...Scarlet and Blue is a nice combination that you can both share. For him a casual look with blue chinos and red sneakers combined with a nice floral shirt and a scarlet cardigan! As for her a little smarter look but always on the casual side of styling...with a red straight skirt and a blue blazer along with these lovely shoes. Enjoy your sunny days and your summer wine (enough said)

Loads of Kisses 

Lady K










Monday, 27 May 2013

Tell me (what's on your mind) by Allah-Las-A special treatment

Tell me (what's on your mind) by Allah-Las-the song,the outfit the photoshooting

Maybe Mondays are not that bad...especially when you had a nice weekend that I hope you did. If not
you can always give a boost to your mood by listening to this amazing song. Lately, I have been quite obsessed with this group which sounds like the bastard child of Yardbirds and Arcade Fire...Lovely music. This band became known to me by Venetia Ioakim while I was in her studio. So this girl not only gave me one amazing dress but also familiarised me with this full of potential band. Today, there is also a series of photos with the dress "Double Sin" (intriguing title isn't it?) designed by Venetia Ioakim (you can find the link to her portfolio in the tab above) and Kostis once more was the photographer (you can also find the link to his portfolio in the tab above). So you can see how the dress really looks like.

The dress is a lovely 60s style dress in the stylish black and white combination. This colour combination is one of my favourites because it give me the opportunity of making a colourful blast intervention with accessories. In this case I combine it with my shoes that I have proposed them in one of my previous posts the "I bet you look so good on the dancefloor" one ( Oh how I love playful high heels. With a pair of knee high lace-y socks it makes the outfit more vintage and also gives a Lolita style hint. The waist belt in my case was a necessity since my figure (the hourglass one) does not allow me not to put emphasis on my slim waist. Tunic dresses are more flattering for slimmer and taller figures. However wear them right and anyone can look good in them

In all of the photos there is no photoshop used. The purpose of this blog is to talk about style and music that is addressed to everyday women. I definitely don't look like a model (as you can understand I love good food) either in the body or the face but I surely don't mind. You have to embrace your self and love it as it is and I have to say that it works for me just fine. It took me a few years, however, to understand it but eventually I made it.

Hence, you can see me to pose proudly with my not at all perfect nose (that I am usually sarcastic about it) and my not slim figure. The most important thing is to feel comfortable with what you are wearing.Henceforth, don't pay attention to fashion, just wear what makes you feel beautiful and look good on you.

The other idea behind the photo-shootings is to show you that I am not serving any commercial purposes. I just love seeing stylish people and what I am proposing is what I actually wear. Therefore (most of the times at least) the prices are regular and you can find these clothes almost everywhere.

Get the look:

Unfortunately Venetia is not sending her clothes worldwide. However there are alternatives for getting this look. There is this special shop called "Olive and Frank" that I found this cute dress with a peter pan collar. However the drawback is that if your size is above 10 it won't fit. I also fell in love with this colour-block bag that looks like an essential accessory of Twiggy's catwalk. And obviously a pair of blue suede shoes, that their colour made them unique and on the same hand are classy because of their simplicity.

I would like to thank Venetia once more for her inspirations and her talent and Kostis for being so patient with me and run all over Athens with me in order to make these photo-shootings. Enjoy and see you soon

xx Lady K.

 The look






Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Johnny Cash by Sons and Daughters- The male outfit!

Johnny Cash By Sons and Daughters - The song and the male outfit!

Hello my gorgeous followers. After the photo-shootings I wanted to do something different today. It is always nice to dress up and feel good about yourselves but what is happening when it comes to men? The poor guys unfortunately do not have as many options as we do. Not to mention the fact that are probably colour blind and styling illiterate.  I got inspired for today's post by a man that even though he has the right attitude, the right body and specs of style most of the times he ends up to dress awfully. My eyes hurt when I see the combinations he does and it is such a pity because he could have it so much better. Hence, if I had the chance of dressing him up (even though I would prefer to undress him)   that's how I would do it. A mixture of posh slacks in a light colour so as to point out his tall legs, formal black shoes that will add an extra something to the height, vintage jacket for more class, indie skirt that will make him look like an indie prince and a colourful belt so as to give him a rock star attitude. However this style matches only to guys that have a tall and slim figure. If your man is like that, take him out for shopping or make him the perfect gift by saving his style. So don't send him away just make him look equally good as you. He is the one that stands by your side and therefore he deserves to be handsome enough to give him the evil eye from envy...






Tuesday, 21 May 2013

First we kiss by Anna Calvi-the song,the outfit and an inspired photo-shooting

First we kiss by Anna Calvi-the song, the outfit and the inspired photo-shooting

It was a lovely summer-ish evening in Athens. Walking under the shadow of Acropolis in the mystical
paths of Plaka and Monastiraki. The scent of jasmine and honeysuckle was meddling with the dreamy perfume of lemon flowers. The weather was warm and the sun bright but not blinding. People were walking around the stone walks amongst the old buildings. Others were enjoying their coffee with chit chat or playing backgammon games. The beauty of Athens and its people was gathered at that evening. Athens was so captivating that I just couldn't let it go.
Kostis (the photographer-check the tab above) and I went there in order to capture the vivid colours and the beauty of this magical place. We were walking for plenty of hours and even though I was wearing my high heels I enjoyed it. We were laughing loud making fun of everything. Sitting on a bench having a cigarette. During the photo-shooting an old man passed by and he stopped. He was looking. A rather awkward moment. But he was laughing, enjoying it as much as we did and then he started the compliments congratulating Kostis for what he was doing and asking me for a smile. It was cute...

Ach, Athens, the city I grew up. I remembered the Sunday mornings when my dad was taking me and my sister at the Monastiraki Flea Market. There, he was buying us a coconut candy stick and then he was taking us to the record stores to find some LPs. This is how I learned to love music. Became a part of my life. Music for me is not only the sound. It is also the warm daddy's kiss, the coconut taste and the jasmine scent.

Now let's talk about style. As you can see the place was inspiring for something more vintage. The 40s sense was essential. Floral dress, strapped shoes, dramatic make up etc. All these clothes are from personal collection. I wouldn't mind sharing it with you but alas, the problem is that I have these clothes for more than 5 years. The importance of having your own style is that you don't care about fashion. A wrap dress is the best solution for a female silhouette. It makes you look sexy and classy at the same time. Not to mention the fact that all men love the silk sense as well as the idea that there is only one move away to unwrap it. Hence my advice for this summer is to invest in such a dress. It also beautifies the silhouette.

Underneath there is a proposal on how to get the style. However the most important thing is that you have to own it. Dress up like that and walk around with the attitude of Ava Gardner. Move your hips like Sophia Loren. Seduce with your look like them....I really do hope to enjoy it...'till we meet again

xx Lady K.



Clutch Bag


Hair Clips,acc_2.12/3861516000


Monday, 20 May 2013

Walk like an egyptian-the photoshooting

Walk like an Egyptian by the Bangles- The photoshooting

As promised I've made a photoshooting with the outfit from the "Walk like an egyptian" outfit! . I believe it is important to show that I am wearing what I am proposing...This session took place in a theatre in Athens and we had great laughs at that day! The photographer was Kostis Bakopoulos where you can check his portfolio on the tab above. Unfortunately is in Greek but he promised that he will add an English version...Hope that you will like it!

Here is the outfit with some accessories from personal collection. I was really lucky that I found this yellow shoes on a great discount! You can also see why it's important to have a biker jacket in your wardrobe. It is never out of fashion and you can match it with almost everything!

See you soon...

xx Lady K.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Ulysses by Franz Ferdinand-The song,the outfit, the photoshooting

Ulysses by Franz Ferdinand- the song, the outfit and the morning in Pireaus

“The sea, the snotgreen sea, the scrotumtightening sea” is what I saw when I stepped out from the train station in Pireaus the greatest port of Greece. A place where tradition has not faded. Old cafes, genuine people drinking some wine early in the noon while singing rempetika songs with the company of a bouzouki. As Homer wrote :

"It is the wine that leads me on
the wild wine 
that sets the wisest man to sing
at the top of his lungs,
laugh like a fool – it drives the
man to dancing... it even
tempts him to blurt out stories
better never told.” 

You can hear the sound of the boats' horns while leaving for an island, calling your name to follow. And you feel like Nora Bernacle when “she would follow, her dream of love, the dictates of her heart that told her he was her all in all, the only man in all the world for her for love was the master guide. Come what might she would be wild, untrammelled, free.” (J. Joyce, Ulysses). This place is so magical that can give you the right boost to go for your dreams, to find your home but you have to:

"Keep Ithaka always in your mind.
Arriving there is what you are destined for.
But do not hurry the journey at all.
Better if it lasts for years,
so you are old by the time you reach the island,
wealthy with all you have gained on the way,
not expecting Ithaka to make you rich.” (K. Kavafis, Ithaka)

Because in the end all of us is Ulysses and our journey towards home is cruel and difficult, treacherous like revenge but you can trick your Cyclops, cover your ears to your sirens, leave Kalypso and don’t succumb to the temptation of forgetting where you have to whom, because the lotus eatears will try to dazzle you.

The dress is made by Venetia Ioakim a talented greek designer where you can see her collections in the tab above. She’s fabulous both as a designer and as a person. We spent the whole evening together listening to amazing music like Allah Las. She is a designer that gets inspired also by music. The photos were taken by my sister Emily while I was in Greece for a few days. So I give you some sunshine and a proposal for DIY...The whole idea was to capture the 60s style of the video and combine it with the meaning of Ulysses. Hope that we made it. What is certain is the fact that I wouldn't have made it without the help of the people I mentioned above! Thank you and see you soon

xx Lady K.

And now the proposal...