Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Evil Eye by Franz Ferdinand-The song, a photoshooting and two outfits


I am so sorry my friends for not posting for sooooooooooooo long anything but on the one hand it is
summer and on the other hand it is sales period so it is rather difficult to find clothes, shoes etc. However I am back and after searching in the shops I found some lovely outfits but most importantly great music. In the 26th of August one of my fav bands are going to have their new album called "Right thoughts, right words, right Actions". I have listened already almost all the songs in live shows and I have to say that it is brilliant. Cannot wait one more month. But one of the songs that caught my attention is the one called "Evil Eye". In Greek Culture the evil eye curse is very popular and usually is caused because of the envious feelings of people. The song will be released with the new album but you can have listen to the remix of it (the beginning is very close to the original version) by the Norwegian DJ Terje Olsen (you can find the link under the photo of the band). What's my opinion about it? It sounds like the theme song of Jack Skellington's twisted
fantasies. I love that haunting and ominous sound. The photos were taken again by my friend Kostis (you can find his link in the tab above) and the black dress is by Venetia Ioakim (you can also find her link in the tab above). The photoshooting took place in a theatre in Athens where someone sneaked us in. It was a hilarious experience because at one point at 1:00 am the owners decided to come by for a visit and me and Kostis had to hide for almost half an hour in a corner of the stage! Anyhoo, the point is that you have to enjoy every moment in your life. In these two
outfits please pay attention to the tights. They make your legs look so much better not to mention that
the dress slips better henceforth it fits better. The blue dress that I am wearing in the photoshoot is from personal collection but thankfully I found something similar in Miss Selfridge. So Pick up one of the outfits and decide if you are a good princess or an Evil queen, listen to some good music, have the people you love next to you and enjoy a glass of good wine...Nothing can be better than that. Wear anything that suits you and don't forget your attitude that makes you special...Goodbye for now and see you soon by most beautiful people.


Lady K.

The outfits

Dress 1


Shoes 1


Tights 1


Clutch 1


Dress 2


Shoes 2


Tights 2


Clutch 2


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