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  • "Master and Margarita" : The pretentious atheistic intellectual elite of Moscow meets the Devil and he drives them insane with a series of pranks and punishments along his caricaturistic followers...Margarita embraces the anarchistic and dark side of herself in order to save her Master and together they face eternity...Jesus Christ's conversation with Pilatus as you didn't read in the testament. All these can be found to this amazing book of Michal Bulgakov. When I read it I was dazzled and I couldn't do anything else but recommend it. 

  • "Lanark": A guy wakes up in a train with amnesia, all he sees is a photo of a place and it is written 'Lanark' upon it. He gets this name and he wanders in a city that is a depressing version of Glasgow called Unthank where people get disappeared once they start to develop dragon scales...Duncan is a tormented boy with a severe asthma condition but really talented that studies in the school of Art. What is the connection between them? Alasdair Gray created a masterpiece of four books that are one, u can read them either in the ordinary way (1,2,3,4) or 3,1,2,4 or 3,4,1,2 it is up to you...This one will blow your mind!


  • "Jitterbug Perfume": Is there any reason to make introductions for Tom Robbins? This one is my fav from his books. Alobar and Kudra gain immortality and their accompanied by Pan. Priscilla in New Orleans tries to find the base note of a magical parfume. Marcel in Paris believes that perfume is the essence of evolution...Psychotic as usually, Robbins gives you the sense of LSD consuming without doing anything...It's a book that you will either love it or hate it. Do you dare to read it?


  • "The Tunnel": An artist becomes obsessed with a fan of his. Eventually he finds her and their passion will be proved destructive. Ernesto Sabbato, who was one of the most activistic writers ever, made an amazing story between illusion, paranoia, passion and death. You will devour this book once it gets in your hands.

  • "The third Wedding": Greece has suffered many wars, in the years from 1922 and the destruction in Smirni (Minor Asia) and the Nazi Occupation in Athens, Nina gets married three times...Ekavi the other heroine is a sad old woman. They are the best friends. Female intrigues, historical facts of old times Greece, this book will give you a hint of what woman had to suffer at that time in Greece. Costas Taktsis, was a writer that was murdered because of his controversial opionions. You should give it a look


  • "Of love and shadows": Isabel Allende is one of the writers that makes stories that can travel you far away in exotic places, making you shiver with what was done during the dictatorship in Chile and feel like you are one of the heroines. Irene is a girl that everything goes according to plan in her life. But instead of compromising to this perfection she prefers to live her own life. She becomes a journalist and works with Francisco. Together they discover something that unleashed the troops against them. Will justice prevail?


  • "Clockwork Orange": Many of you must have seen the movie. If you liked it then you are going to love the book from Anthony Burgess. A book where the main character "Alex" makes Beethoven as the main soundtrack for his acts of violence and assault.  Is the deprivation of free will justified if it is for the general good? A book that will make you think a little bit more about what is right or wrong, or even confuse you.

  • "Maggie Cassidy": Obviously, from my nickname, I love Kerouac...he was a writer who his words flow so easy as his travels...His first love in this book and his puberty. Sincerity and innocence.

  • "Rapture": I don't know about you but I love poetry and to be specific I adore the romance in Carol Ann Duffy...This is only one of her poems's selection but it is worthy to read and the rest of them...Enjoy them with a good wine or recite them in your mind when you are with the person of desire...he/she will see it in your eyes

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