Thursday, 21 February 2013

Mission bells by The Aislers Set-the song and the outfit

Misson Bells by the Aislers amazing song and the outfit

Spring is coming...daffodils are already sprung...And as it is, the perfect outfit awaits you to walk around the city, feeling like a cute spring fairy...Green and blue with their brightness will uplift your spirit as well as the spirit of the people seeing you. The green dress that I found in Joy clothing is so elegant and classic that will definitely pay back what will you spend. You will wear it in several occasions (not just for walking around the Gardens). You can wear it at work, for lunch even for dinner, for a drink e.t.c. The shoes, are just fantastic. Since the first time I saw them I have fallen desperately in love with them which by the way the will also look good in a pair of jeans and a nice shirt. Always lady like, your style should emit this mixture of vintage, spring and feminine aura. That's the reason I am obsessed with dresses. And a small tip: I would change the belt to make it more fashionable...enjoy it