Sunday, 16 December 2012

Teach me tiger by April Stevens-The song and the outfit

Teach me tiger by April Stevens

Hogmanay is want to impress everyone in the party...But that's always the most difficult thing to do...All girls are dressed up impressive for this day. Hence, why not make a slight twist with glamour, class and vintage? A 50s luxury dress with red details can make you the queen of the party! With an animal print pattern you also include the element of sexy...Wear your red lipstick, your false eyelashes, pump up your hairs, a nice corsage and let this outfit to teach them how you style properly...Walk alluring in your high heels carrying the attitude of Sofia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Greta Garbo and many more. It is not a mere coincidence that the greater sex symbol of all times lived during that Era and I am talking about Marilyn Monroe...So girls, this is my proposal for New Year's eve and after the xmas holidays I'll be back with more proposals...enjoy your alcohol and wish you the best times ever. 


Lady Kerouac







Monday, 10 December 2012

I bet you look good on the dance floor by Arctic Monkeys-The song and the outfit

I bet you look good on the Dancefloor by Arctic Monkeys

Xmas are coming and you have to look good on the dancefloor! So, after storming and trying new clothes I came up with this outfit which is a combination of rock, classy and playful attitude! You can become the new dancing queens without losing your rocking personality...First of all, I saw this amazing skater dress from Dahlia fashion, it is simple and playful and the velvet polka dot details are fantastic. Not to mention that this dress can be worn in several ways since it is an alternative proposal of LBD...As for the shoes...what can I say. It was love at first sight...I loved them, they loved me so as everything that I like they became mine!!!You can wear them with any simple dress and they can transform the whole outfit by giving this disco hint (yes I do love the 80s). Aldo is a brand that has amazing shoes and makes offers too often. For example I bought this shoes only in their half price (yeap I am still dancing with joy)! Ach, the jacket...this amazing jacket, so colourful that you cannot resist to it! It is one of the latest additions in the topshop and I believe that is worth to have it in your wardrobe since it is a combination of biker jacket and folklor (?) colours and designs. And let's not forget the details. The tights have to be simple with this sexy detail of the line beneath...and a sequin black wrist bag will be the best feature! Sparkle with your shine shoes my rocking Dorothies and at that night send them all to your OZ country!!! Let it rock this Xmas






Thursday, 6 December 2012