Sunday, 31 March 2013

Your magic is working by Of Montreal-The song and the outfit

Your Magic is Working by Of Montreal- The song and the outfit

Let's get crazy, let's get magical and colourful, it may be cold outside but it is always warm inside...especially when you are thinking of someone...then you can become his starlet and you can kiss like they do in the movies...because your magic is working...I really like this song, every time that I am listening to it, spontaneously a smile is drawn in my face! It makes me want to dance and sing loud, either at home or publicly...and since it makes me so happy couldn't think of any other outfit than this one...Green colour and various patterns, spots with stripes, asymmetries, elegance and a rock attitude with a hint of disco glam!Who could resist to that? Surely not me. You can play with different colours and patterns so as to make your days and nights magical and playful! Remember no matter what always be classy and joyful! Smart is the new sexy not duckfaces and trash!

See you soon


Lady K.







Monday, 25 March 2013

Dog Days are over by Florence + the Machine: the song and the outfit

Dog Days Are Over by Florence + the Machine

Even though it is still raining and snowing here in the UK you can still see some flowers struggling to pop out from the frozen ground. There is still the hope of witnessing a spring time. But there are also people leaving or travelling to warmer places. For example I can't wait to go back to Greece for a few days in two weeks. So I am already planning my outfits that I will take with me. As far as you have figured out by now I have a strong styling tendency towards the 60s (maybe I got affected by the "Mad Men" marathon). Hence, I couldn't pick nothing different to create an outfit that combines polka dots, short skirt and intense colours. I love bright colours because they are making my day when I am wearing them. Earth tones and black just create me thoughts of boredom and misery. Thus, my advice to you is to colour your life as much as possible because this tip saved my mental health while I was working as a Financial controller for some years. The dog days are over as the winter. Indulge yourselves with a new outfit and enjoy it while going for an after work coffee, lunch of drink.

Loads of kisses

Lady K






Tuesday, 19 March 2013

My heart beats by Veronica Falls-The song and the outfit

My heart beats by Veronica Falls- The song and the outfit

"Lately all you do is dream 
Lately a change will make you believe"
Isn't it the most beautiful thing in the world to have something unexpected coming in your life? Maybe in the beginning looks really bad but if you believe in karma then you know that everything leads to somewhere, something or...someone so that 
"you can be together" 

And no matter what, everything seems so beautiful, even if it is dark because
"your heart beats so slowly 
your heart beats all in all" 
And you can walk around all day, getting tired in your lovely heels and this vintage dress that will be proven a handful addition to your wardrobe...
As for the coat all I can say is that it is an amazing piece, blurring, confusing, extraordinary, unique, just like you...just like the other one who when he/she" sang to you so quietly" when he/she "sings to me on and on" makes your dirty world perfect and lucid, makes your "heart beats so slowly" makes your "heart beats on and on". 

Enjoy this outfit as much as this lovely song from the new Veronica Falls album. Don't forget to support these talented artists by avoiding piracy

 Lady K

P.S. Everything in the brackets are the lyrics from the song...aren't they lovely? 






Saturday, 16 March 2013

The stars (are out tonight) by David Bowie-the song and the outfit

The stars (Are out tonight) by David Bowie-the song and the outfit

This week the tall thin duke, the iconic David Bowie released his new album called the Next Day. In a more than a thirty years discography, he influenced millions of people through his music, his attitude, his sense of style. The absolute androgyny, like a chameleon he never seized to impress us. Actually, I have to admit that in almost all my outfits I am wearing a victorian style pendant with his imprint as Ziggy Stardust from Aladdin Sane cover. Oh yes, you figure it out, he is my greatest music crash! Hence I made an outfit that is absolute androgyny and you can wear it almost the office, for a drink, in a lunch, in a walk, even in gig...It has british elements and a sense of glam rock. Something that you can wear this spring and become unique just like him! In a very reasonable budget, you can make several other combinations with the clothes and accessories you already have. I hope that you will enjoy the new album and the outfit as much as I did. And don't forget let's be against piracy to artists that really worth it (obviously and I am not referring to pop trash)! See you soon my friend


Lady Kerouac